Intellectual Property Rights of Notessimo Songs

Are songs created in Notessimo the sole property of the composer, or do Starburst or Failsafe Vault Inc. hold the rights to the songs? I’ve written some music in Notessimo, and I want to use it in a flash game. I will get a cut of the ad revenue from this game (commercial use). I know most likely nobody will come after me, but I still want to be ethical about this whole thing.

Of course, the “Terms” link at the bottom doesn’t work. I’m thinking about trying to contact Starburst, but he’s never on.

What do you guys think?

You can try to contact Starburst on Facebook. Or you could ask Muselline for Starburst’s phone number, bank account information, his social security number, etc.

I’m not on Facebook.

Muselline doesn’t know any of that…

That’s what you think…

I PM’d Starburst. We’ll see what he says … if he says anything.

Starburst never looks at his PM’s.
I suggest you just use the song, Starburst probably wouldn’t care as he hasn’t done anything on the site since over a year ago.

Sorry, that’s guitarskills you’re talking about.

I think you technically hold the rights to any song you make, so go ahead and use it. Give credit to Notessimo 2 if you want, maybe it’ll attract a bigger crowd to this site.

After quite a bit of thought and research – if you can call it that – on this matter, as well as input from the forum-goers, I’ll go ahead with the game.

But if Starburst ever replies and says no, I’ll remove it. (Better to beg forgiveness than to ask permission?)

May I ask what game you are using your song for?

It’s a game I’m making myself (graphics, coding, sound, music, everything). I don’t have a name for it yet, but it’s almost done. I might post a link in the off-topic forum when I’ve finished and uploaded it.

(Be warned, it kinda sucks.)

Can’t wait to see it. :slight_smile:

The songs you creates on Notessimo are all yours, I (and Failsafe) takes no rights on the songs, I will clear this up in V3 with an option to choose a license when you upload the songs on the site, it is a free program as in free speech and free beer. Also I might add an option to allow Flash game developper to use Notessimo songs, so composer that would like to see theirs songs featured in games made by us or others can allow it by checking an option in the song before submitting it to the site, with full credit of course :D and maybe some kind of rewards if we use a song in our game, I’ll think about that…


Wow, that’s great! Can’t wait for v3!

Thanks again Starburst. ;A;