Interrupted Dream by George C. Van Liew

again why is this featured, it has a low vote, only a few listens, if i can get 20 views and a 3.33 rating all my songs would featured,

look, most of my songs before they get featured are 5* then once they are featured it drops, I dont know why.

(starwars guitarskills and catrox said it was good. Nuse got mad at me and I think he rated it low because of that, people should rate on how good the song is not personal things.)

Well, when a song is featured, the stakes get a little higher. It’s exposed to a wider audience, and they’re comparing it to all of the other featured songs. They’re a lot less lenient with their ratings. Plus, there are some trolls out there who rate 1 no matter what. I would know; this has happened more than once to both of my featured songs (I was keeping track of the scores, and a few of the score drops could only be explained by a 1 rating).

Actually you need to request the songs you want featured here:

See the “post reply” button? Click that.

Songs don’t have listens before they are featured. They get listens afterwards.

And because the rating has only 10 votes, it can easily be influenced by trolls who vote songs they disapprove of 1 star.

If the trolls are the case, im sorry Nuse for that dumb thing I said.

No, I didn’t rate the song at all actually. I’m not mad at you, I just thought you could have posted the song less.

im gettin’ hit by trolls …

Well, I have to admit that this song is not the best…

holy bull shit guys i would like to see you pull a song out of your ass better than this!! this song rocks!!

thanks lol… please dont swear though D: