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Hey, I’m fishrocker. I’ve been here since July.

My name is Mike and I’m 14. I like to play guitar hero. I used to play a clarinet a few years ago, but not anymore. That’s all for now.
EDIT: I like to watch Spongebob and NY Jets games. I like the Jets. I like Dr. Pepper too. Dr. Pepper ftw!
Edit3: took out EDIT2

I am me
My name is Kyle, been here since Starburst opened the forums but big fan since 1about a year b4 that
I play mallet instruments (xylophone, marimba, etc.)
Trying to get Starburst to UPDATE

Hey, I’m Matt.
I was one of the first few members to join this forum.
Big fan of Notessimo since about…I dunno how long it’s been lol
I’m practicly a rock band on my own. I play guitar,drums and bass. And I’m fairly good at all of them.
I am currently in the process of learning how to make a flash game, I think that’d be something pretty cool to do.

Also Sandalman is awsome listen to him

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Hi. My name is Josh and I am 15. I have been a member since July when I first found this website from playing the original notessimo on Kongregate. I play the trumpet in my school’s 2nd best concert band and in the marching band. Here is our marching band performing our 2008 competition show at Ohio State University:
1st Movement
2nd Movement
3rd Movement
4th Movement
We placed 5th at that competition out of I think 32 bands.
Here is our 2008 cadence:
2008 Cadence
We used “aaaaaahhh…Space Jam!” because we watched Space Jam during a break we had in band camp.

Anyway, I also play guitar, bass guitar, and piano. I can sort of play drums and mallet instruments, but not great.

I am also a fan of the New England Patriots, as you would know if you saw my old avatar.

Alex here… 15. I’m well known in online games because i change my user so much that not many people realise.
I play drums, piano and learning guitar. Pro at rock band, rb2, GH2,GH3, GH:Aerosmith GH:World Tour. (All Expert)
I have an xbox 360 elite and i got a PS3 from someone who didnt know i had the 360. i didnt want to give it back xD.
I play Counter-Strike. Zombie Panic. I Test online games that my friends make. i know a lot about computers. (no hacking. )
I live in canada but i know how the states work. I do covers with friends —>
I own an IPhone. . you might think im some spoiled rich kid. no. i have a lot of relatives. and most of them have
great jobs. and im molatto - (Filipino/Laos) Born in Canada Montreal. GO HABS GO!i own a wii too. (SSBB, GH3, RB)
Edit: Discovered Notessimo forums by playing first one on kongregate and thirsting for more where i found someone in comments posting the whereabouts of this site.

the names Dan, im 13, I play Expert on Guitar Hero, and I play guitar and bass

Ehh… I’m play the drums on Rock Band. =]

Well, Cocoa Puffs are the best cereal ever. I played Pawn Game and the name is Pooky1234123.

i am a newwwwwwwwwbie.i dont do much online but when i do i am playing games.i am a total game freak…sometimes

Hey I’m John. I write music, play drums for a band, flute in school band, and are a Sophmore. Been here since my discovery of notessimo 2 early on in the history. I actually posted the first song thread, if my memory serves me right.

Also I play expert drums,guitar,bass, and some expert vocals on rock band one and 2.

Favorite sports team is anything from New England and favorite colour is red… Starburst…
Also me and Kdiuldlea like to edit each other messages, so watch out.

Sandalman is much better than Kdiuldlea, you should listen to him instead! Sandalman Rox (LIES!)

Hello all, I have just joined after using notissimo, which I am now addicted to. Anyways, I wrote part of my first song and would like to share it.

EDIT:Hey, I just read the rules and I am very sorry that I did not do so the first chance I got. I suppose I was a little eager to go to sleep and rushed.

Hey, my name’s Leem (nickname). I love music and art, art museums, malls, food. I from all over, I’m mixed and have a on/off accent. I just got on the site and need some help composing. Hit me up if you want to talk I love to listen.

Sup, I’m irishknight. I also found this site by Kongregate.

I also participate in my high school marching band, hah. So yeah. Marching band was basically the reason why I joined up this site–to make a few catchy drumline cadences.

I already made a thread for 'em, so I’m sure some of you are already interested since I saw that some of you are in marching band. So, I guess it’s pretty cool that we all have a lot in common.

Hello, my name isn’t all that important so just call me Ceru or Saku. ^^

I was in Choir from 3rd grade to 7th grade did a few other special choir groups during that time, did no singing in 8th or 9th grade until 10th which I am in right now.

I am now taking vocal lessons and I am pursuing a singing career which is working out pretty well just need to get noticed lol.

I played the violin for about 2 years but our teacher changed to a man no one really liked so I quit (I wish I hadn’t) I play the piano every now and again but I am self taught so it’s a little difficult.

I am 15 years old and I came here because of my brother who introduced me to Notessimo.

I hope I can get to know everyone better. ^^

NOOOOO!!! If you didn’t quit, there would’ve have been 3 violinists on Notessimo. Me,you and Spacepixel

censoring posts isnt cool are you guys all five years old?
im sky

Take out the sunshine,rainbows and the F word…thats what I’m full of.

I censored it. Has no one no0ticed what i did to killa dudes post?

Y’know what? If you didn’t say anything, I wouldn’t have noticed… good one
And it gave me an idea too…

Maybe you guys should install an auto-censor in the forum? RockmanPM has it, and it shouldn’t be that hard to do. I could ask around about it if you want.