"Invite to Chat" Feature Request

I believe that there needs to be a feature of which you can invite a friend or other member to the chat. There would be a button on their member page, saying “Invite to Chat”. When clicked, the member will then receive a notification that a member has sent an invite to the notessimo chat.

Is this a good idea?

Update: Added poll.

Yes. Makea poll.

Yea I think fine idea.

Use private messaging–it can handle chats and invitations. There’s no need for a new button.

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Anthony, you talk-blocker. :confused:

Just send the user a pm, or leave them a message on their profile that you want to chat.

C’mon guys, it isn’t the most useless feature on Notessimo. Go to the Instruments page if you wanna see that.

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Hey, Starburst has enough work as it is. He shouldn’t have to solve a problem that has already been solved. If you want to have a conversation in the chatroom, you can send people a private message inviting them to join you.

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My stance on the subject is quite neutral. I see both the positives and negatives for this. It’ll make life a whole lot easier with this button, but if you want to invite a whole lot of people, then you’re better off just making a status update.

I just wanted to make a stupid pun for likes… .-.

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I liked the pun, Tsukasa’s just a hater.

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Tsukasa is just horny, don’t mind hurr.

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So far, 70% voted no. I cant see most of the usernames, but I think there are 3 or 4 moderators saying no to the button.

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Where do you vote?

The poll at the top.

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Well, I feel retarded now.

Don’t be.

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GCVL, Aliens Exist =3, Winky Wolly Apocoloptogon, and me voted yes. Anthony, Nuse, ~W0lfe~, cartrox, Tsukasa, Blargzargo Hlaaluington, and Ace1257 voted no.

lol, everyone who voted yes is like the worlds most ghetto crew…