Is Notessimo Dying?


It seems that notessimo is dying due to the fact that songs don’t get many views anymore. If you go to the unfinished category, you can see that the newer songs have LESS than 100 views! Scroll down and the older songs have at maximum, 300 views. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE?!?!?! Is it school? Is it laziness? Is it just goddamn boredom? I don’t really know. Even the rate of recent songs has decreased a lot (Probably because Timothy Verbist is rarely posting).

it even happens to my songs :-(

I don’t understand this recent decline of views

In 2009, The song has 5~50 wiews (50 was a lot)

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This is the “great depression” I was talking about.

Maybe there aren’t many regulars actively using/contributing to Notessimo at the moment; it’s a possibility. Such would explain the “decline in the rate of recent songs” and “less views” that you are seeing. I wouldn’t go so far as to say Notessimo is dying; the community has always been a rather tight-knit, select group of individuals who like to compose since I registered on the site.

I know a bunch of people (including myself) who come here to compose songs on and enjoy Notessimo. Personally; song views and similar statistics only add to the actual content: the songs. Without them, song views would quickly become irrelevant, no? x:

There’s always room for improvement.

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what are you talking about? notessimos more alive than its ever been. Back then you were insanely lucky to get over 100 views. And nowadays the views soar past that. The only reason that its happening like that is because the older songs have had a bigger window of opportunity since the update to get views. so they have had more time which equals more views.

No! , Now song has more views than 2009

I think the great depression was at the end of 2011 when no one posted and the site was shut down.


The only thing that was being posted back then was the spam-bots spamming porn (strange, they only spammed porn, and nothing else).

There were a lot of viagra and pharmacy ads too.

I also saw a lot of russian

XD There were more pharmacy and russian than porn


I’m pretty sure it’s just school, but we’ll never know (until the future). I’m just so used to having so many views, it just saddens me when I see less than 100 views. It also means less songs.

Did… you not read this? He wrote it for a reason. Not just for writing practice.

I’m not just talking about one song here. I’m talking about every song on notessimo! Ever since August has started, the number of views went down.
A little before the 15th, songs were getting way less than 100 views over a week period. The link above just talks about complaining about a not perfect rating on a song and criticism.

P.S. Let’s play Grammar Nazi now!

Not necessarily grammar, poor wording. And it was irrelevant, I agree. But still, stop bitching. I don’t get your delusions of self entitlement in terms of you “needing” 100 views right when you post something. Just be grateful people even view your songs, I haven’t checked them out because, lets be honest, you annoy me. You’re pompous. You could say I am too, but at least I’m rational and don’t run my mouth about stuff that really doesn’t matter.

I agree with Malice, it shouldn’t be about views, just make music for the sake of making music, I mean, isn’t that the passion of being a musician anyway? Just making music?

Honestly though, draw simple answers from obvious clues. Lack of views = lack of people because of business. It isn’t dying, you’re just jumping to onclucsions that aren’t necessarily there.

P.S. I’m running my mouth right now over you, so I guess that makes me a hypocrite.

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I’ll admit, I screwed up.

I get bored easily. The fact that I even get recognized with 25 views makes me proud (At home, I am pretty much invisible). I guess I’m overreacting at the fact that the number of views went down which makes me spoiled. Listening to songs is the only way I don’t go insane and start killing people.

So reading typed words annoys you? The title is self explanatory (excluding this one, I should’ve come up with one like ‘Decreasing Views’ to get the point across) so it’s your choice on what you click, not mine. I don’t see how I’m self-centered (excluding when I mentioned that the ‘Count to 2000’ topic had fewer posts without me, that was kind of self-centered). I honestly don’t care if I annoy you, everyone has opinions. Just like you wouldn’t care if I said you annoyed me. I post these things merely to let something be learned (even if it is stating the obvious). I’ll admit it is somewhat irrational to have posted this topic.

Those words have truth, but how can someone be a good musician if they don’t have the talent to make a song from scratch? I’m as bad as Timothy Verbist (if not, worse) when it comes to making songs from scratch. I have to get my songs from midis just to make a good song.

If there is no over exaggeration than it would less interesting. I did take it a bit too far, I’ll admit, but there’s no reason to complain as much as if someone was pissing on a grave.

Glad I got my point across? Look, I don’t hate you, or particularly dislike you. I just want that to be known. All of the newbies annoy me honestly. Doesn’t mean I hate anyone. IIIIdk.

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I think the back-to-school months are the least busy anyway.