Is there a way to stop notes from auto-sustaining by default?

I’m trying to do a 3/4 time, 420 tempo formatted V3 song with some of the Synth Lead instruments, and instead of it sounding smooth, it basically sounds more legato (long) than stagato (short). I want to either find a way to stop sounds from auto-sustaining or find some other Synth Lead instruments that can sustain to its length not past it. Some instruments cut-off at the default length (most likely 1/4 beat quarter note), however when you lengthen the note, it still cuts off at that point. Any suggestions, tips, tricks, or chea-- I mean, comments?


look at the tutorial I just posted in the v3 group

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So, V3 is capable of changing Release and Attack Time… I could make a huge list of all the similarities to midi.

Wish I could if I was a member of the group… 'Tis why I asked. :cool:

I knew I spelled it wrong… forgot how. Thanks, Blarg. :slight_smile: