Is this a bug or an update?


I put 3 snare drums on the 1st layer. The 1st one’s volume is 50, the second 100, and the third 200.
So i put 3 Tom drums on the 2nd layer in the exact same spots. The drums values are 50, 100, and 200 automatically, without me setting them that way.
(I’m pretty sure you can change them, but so far this update/glitch has been helpful, so i haven’t tried)

Bug or update?

Hm, I haven’t seen something like this happen before, I’d say it’s a bug.

Maybe a bug?

Happened to me before. I think it’s a bug.

Bug. I’ve noticed a bug at least on mine. If I play something then try to edit stuff (Move or delete) I will not see any changes at all until I play again (Moving just deletes the note permanently)

Some annoying bugs:

  1. Sometimes when I start a song without editing it first the first sheet gets looped over and over again.
    And the worst one …
  2. Sometimes a blank bar (two) is set after a sheet. This bug can be removed by clicking on the sheet although it still is pretty annoying. My yet-to-be-released song that can be found here is a perfect example. After you load it, just play it without touching it and one of the sheets in the middle annoyingly had two blank bars after it.

My solution to then first one is to not make the window as large as it can be (maximize it), but rather just play the game in Normal mode. Then It works perfectly. However, when i listen to the song, I usually maximize it then becuase there is no glitch there.

The second one is probably because you mis-click the play button, as the one right next to it (it should have a vertical line after the play arrow) is to listen to that particular sheet, which will loop it until you press stop or pause.

My answer to the last one is that this happens every time you click the “Duplicate Sheet” button under the edit toolbar. It’s not really that annoying to me.

Oh thanks! I never knew the thing about 2. before!

I have a question: Did anyone notice the { FORUM_SELF } button? Should be to the right of your “View your posts” button at the top. All it has is a link to the non-existent home page and I don’t think it’s ever been there before…can anyone explain it?

I got that too!

Huh? When I click the {FORUM_SELF} link, all it does is refresh the page I’m viewing.
Well, whatever it is, it’s a good sign. Starburst is still working on the game!

Maybe that has something to do with the browser you are using (which I assume is Firefox). I’m using Internet explorer.

wow! that was a perfect guees, starwars! thats exactly what happens! my firefox refreshes the page, IE goes to the home page!

Well, it really didn’t take that much thought, as it seems all solutions to problems are along the lines of “switch to Firfox.”

thats not really a solution, but…

I use both IE and FFox!

I wasn’t really posted that this was a problem, it just seems like there is a big Firefox vs IE thing going in this site as a background argument. If there is something different happening to some else than me, I automatically assume it’s because they have Firefox instead of IE. Anyway, none of this answers my original question: What it the new button for, and where did it come from? I assume nobody knows, or else a Mod would’ve probably told me by now. I think I’ll go with Anthony’s theory, because it seems the most plausible. I believe Starburst is adding something.

I have no idea how that got there either, but I’ll agree with Anthony as well and assume Star is working on this site/game finally.

He probably has been…just putting something new to tell us
“Cool your jets ppl”

probably a hint or something that there will be a link there to your own thread

LOL I get to last post and find out SP took almost my exact words

little late to post that dontchya think?