Jiyuu no Tsubasa - Shingeki no Kyojin Opening 2 by Linked Horizon, Animenz, TehIshter, Me


Holy crap. Really proud of this one. The second opening of Attack On Titan, arranged into a piano duet by Animenz and TehIshter.
It sounds epic, it has triplets, quintuplets, sextuplets, nonuplets… It has everything.
Possibly one of my longest songs, 4 minutes, 10 seconds.




My ears are crying. This is beautiful.

I agree! Sheet 30 is my absolute favorite.



EDIT: how did you get the panning to sound so good?

It’s kinda complicated. You need a lot of calculating and counting.

Nah just kidding. I don’t use any panning at all. :wink:

Wait… featured?

YASSSS featured

you don’t use panning? it sure sounded like it.

I think v3 automatically sets panning based on pitch/frequency, but I could be wrong

That’s what I’d think as well. The higher pitch notes seem to go more in the right ear and vice versa.

There aren’t any quintuplets/nonuplets.

Sounds great (listened in v2). Balancing issues, however.

There are nonuplets on sheet 3 and quintuplets on sheets 9, 12, 14 and 24.
As for the balancing issues, I didn’t really pay that much attention for it because I didn’t expect this to be featured. It’s also meant to be listened in V3. :stuck_out_tongue:

In the original video, there was no low E at the end.

I can’t tell if it’s played on the left side or not.