Kero ⑨ Revolution Piano Cover by James Aznable / marasy8

11th song created.

It’s a piano cover of “Kero ⑨ Destiny” “Kero ⑨ Revolution” by Silver Forest.

3 Touhou-related posts so far.

Added and mixed “Kero ⑨ Destiny ~ Ever Lasting Turn of Cirno”.

Transposed Sheet 3, Layer 2.


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Native faith…?

Whatever. 5/5

I knew it sounded familiar…

Do you ever get tired of using the Rhodes?

Yes, it is Native Faith, only a remix made by Silver Forest.

Nope. Is it annoying?

As I have never heard “Kero ⑨ Destiny” before, I thought it would’ve had something to do with Cirno or her theme (I only thought this because I saw “⑨”). Guess I was wrong.

Side note: I was able to recognize what song this was when the very first chord played, but someone already pointed out what song it was. This song does in fact bring back memories of creating this song in Notessimo back in July 2012.

(Insert Tewi’s laugh while being screwed-up here)
Well, I’m kinda working on having to put a little bit of Cirno feel to it. And by that, I meant inputting “Kero ⑨ Destiny ~ Ever Lasting Turn of Cirno” part.

Mixed “Kero ⑨ Destiny ~ Ever Lasting Turn of Cirno”, and it’s done.

It seems that there are disharmonies between “Beloved Tomboyish Daughter” and “Native Faith”. It didn’t really bother me until sheet 3, which was the problem sheet for me. I suggest changing some notes on sheet 3 in Cirno’s theme, because it really conflicts with Native Faith.

You mean, “transposing” it up and/or down?