Keybinds/Note Preview??

hi, sorry these are really dumb questions

i havent used notessimo since v2 and im incredibly lost on the new version

space used to be used for note preview but now it appears to be used for a panning tool. is there a new keybind for this or is it just a removed feature? i was relying on it heavily as someone who can’t read sheet music

second question, is there a keybind to lock notes to bars? because without that feature im finding that all of my timing is slightly off and sounds pretty awkward a lot of the time

thanks in advance if anyone can answer these, or just redirect me to a thread where this is already covered and lock this one

(in the case that note preview isnt in v3, im probably going to keep using v2… i know my limits)
(i just realized this is in the wrong board orz…)

all i know is that if you look at the bottom just above the sheets area, there is a magnet button. this locks the notes to the lines and or spaces evenly. as for your first question, I think there is a little piano where the instrument tab section area is where you can test the note or what not. is there a key? That I don’t know.

I haven’t composed in months, but I believe the key for previewing notes is the ‘r’ key. Also the magnet snaps to the nearest 16th note I think.

Hit “r” to preview a note. For more v3 info, read this helpful thread.

thanks so much, this is all i needed.
if someone could lock this thread now that’d be great, it’s no longer necessary.

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