Kink Techno Basser by Technodude

OK tell me what you think

i actually kinda like sheet 0 and 1, and it sounds pretty neat when the beat kicks in too. The sheets with synth bass#1 playing sounds messy though and i dont really like the synth#1 either.
Overall it sounds like you are improving. Theres a better rythem in this then in anything else you ever made so thumbs up on that!

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Thanks, Hellstick! :slight_smile: (and even for the Criticism! ;))

Critizism is what makes us better:)

You should feel lucky timothy, when i started i never got any critism because there was no " latest posts " section on the site.

I think you get better!
This is a little disorder, across the instrument ! it is getting better!
The beat is clean in five, in six is wrong with the music!


Hmm, i see.

I’m trying my best.

But I understand ! do not worry!

This sounds a bit cool.

Thanks, Ice!

nice! Sounds like a song I’ve heard before… oh yeah, this one. I haven’t posted a song in a really long time