Kiss Kris ~ Zombies! ~ Rearranged by CtelinAjira by CtelinAjira

My first ever attempt at dubstep. Feel free to tell me how close the result is to ACTUAL dubstep.

Rate. Comment.

Song used:


I’m not a big fan so I think the first couple sheets are so much better than the rest of the song. But you can see all the work put into this. Amazing work here.

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Holy crap sheet 5!

and 8 XD

Would you believe me if I said he did all this in about two hours, maybe even less?
We were exchanging PMs, on the topic of dubstep, with Ctelin saying how “oh, dubstep is so hard to make, I could never imagine doing dubstep on Notessimo!”.
I turn around, bam, this is posted. So difficult, huh?

By the way, Aliens Exist, it might interest you that your dubstep song was partly the inspiration behind this. :)

Beautiful. I have absolutely NO IDEA how you do all this many amazing songs, this fast.

I love ! :D

Where’s the triplet bass I hear? D:
I could go all over-critical and be like “YOU MISSED THIS EFFECT” or “THERE WASN’T AN ECHO HERE NYAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” but in reality it sounds good.

Yes I used three bass instrument types.

Damn, this rocks.

Ho. Lee. Schitt.