Ladies and gentlemen, it is official.

At 6am earlier today, the sequel to the greatest TV show of all time was announced.

And the supposed screenshot to go along with it.

When is it going to be ON the T.V.?

This summers been great, I’ve played some great games, I’ve watched some good movies, Going on good vacations, now only if they would make a sequel to… HOLY CRAP THEY DID!!!

Who’s tv? If they don’t have nick they won’t see it :twisted:

I have Nickelodeon. I meant what date and time?

It seems your unfamiliar with sarcastic remarks. and It hasn’t been announced yet.

here is more info:

Aang’s son is gonna teach her air bending, she’s a water bender (duh), and she’s from the southern water tribe.

It’s seventy years after The original avatar, so Aang lived to be 82 (He must have been murdered, Considering how healthy he eats.)

Also, supposedly she will know earth, fire, and water at the beginning :twisted: But that’s just a rumor, I hope it’s not true.

Yay! The new avatar is a Teenager? I’m not following any of this?

Ladies and Gentlemen… fasten your seatbelts.lolspiderman2reference

Here is what I know:

It is being set in the same universe but 70 years in the future, technology has advanced to the point we rely on steam powered technology, we’ve also built skyscrapers. Basically a contemporary avatar. Don’t be surprised if people are seen using guns.

Korra is a character spoil of Aang. Their personalities are almost exact opposites.

The plot is set around a city in the earth kingdom where people from all 4 nations can live together in, it’s been over run by crime and gangs opposed of bending (which is one theory of how aang got killed).

Dang, they better not ruin this.

Not too long ago (maybe like a week ago) I posted something like this in the Talk About Stuff Thread, but it was unofficial and the details were not known (other than the title). I can’t wait.

How can Aang go from a 12-year old boy to being so old and dead? Plus, if he was the last Airbender…How is the new avatar gonna learn air bending?

Aang’s son is going to teach her. His name is Tenzin.

And it’s a time skip, of course he got older.

HIS SON? So he CoughDid itCough with Ehem Katara?

Not necessarily.

But the Avatar just is reincarnated… They don’t have a mother or father or anything… I’m guessing he went with Sokka… Good choice.

The Avatar isn’t just Reincarnated… lmfao.

Only the spirit is reincarnated.

So how the fuck does he have a son?

Through Katara.

I said that and Jimmayyyyyy said no. WTF.

I wonder if Sokka and that kyoshi warrior person Cough**Ehem lol