Lag in some Songs

I am making my first song, and it starts with a “rain” effect with the triangle wave as wind, which makes the first sheet. It might be my internet connection, but I can barely get through the sheet without it skipping around. It happens with the rest of my song, I can’t get through the entire thing without it skipping around. It was happening with some of the new songs and the featured ones also. All the notes are delayed. (If a snare is on beat one, the sound will come out on the and) Here’s my unfinished song:

I think its just me, but thanks for the help.

Setting the Graphic Quality to low should help your problem.

I tried that, but it didn’t help that much. I’m upgrading to Windows 7 soon, that might help out more. Thanks for the help, though!

You can also try setting the priority to high for the meantime.

That depends. If your using XP, it will probably make your problem worse by upgrading. If your using Vista, It will help a lot.

Its not your Operating System or your internet connection (as it runs offline, you just need to be online to start it) although some operating systems take up more RAM, its about how good your actual computer is, if you have a good new one, it shouldn’t lag too much, if you have an old computer from 1964 (lol or even 2003 for example (unless it was some sort of supercomputer…)) then your going to have some problems running notessimo without lag…

If you want Notessimo to play flawlessly, you’d need a good processor, decent video card, and some RAM to spare. Basically like every other flash video or game out there.

XP runs on 128 to256 MB of Ram. Vista runs on a whole Gig, 4 times XP.
7 runs on 256 also, but it’s programming can be run more efficiently.

Awesome! Exactly what I wanted to know. Thanks for the help.