Lamentation (Emotion Rock Mix)

Forged with inspiration from:
Emotion (Original)
FL Remix
Feelings (leifeday’s remix)
Wake (Malice’s remix)
Emotion (Pokémon B/W)
Scrapped Ending Idea for the song

DISCLAIMER: All rights belong to cartrox.


That was awesome, Nice Cover

Very good cover, i loved it :D
(sounds better than the original IMO)

I like this version better. Infinitely epic/10


Is it me or does this sound like an extended ringtone? 999/.1

this is the best version :headbanger: (now i have the feeling i am in a band :D) this is a solid 5/5

Hurray for you, Ace!!!

My favorite sheets are 3,4,5,8,9 & 11! Even the bass solo rocks!!!

You forgot this and this.

5/5 again!

I wasn’t inspired by those, sadly.

rip me