Last man standing by Hellstick

I actually had quite a few titles in mind for this short loop…
I thought it sounded like something from the old west or something so i knew it had to be related to that. Here’s a few of the names i had in mind:
-6 empty chambers
-Staring down the barrel
-Prairie Dog
-John Marston
-1 bullet showdown

I also looked up various revolver names in hopes that one of them would fit as a name, but nothing really cought my attention:(
I finally settled for “Last man standing” which i think is a prette neat title too:)

Oh wellz… Enough rambling. Enjoy!

iz it gana be longer?


Most likely not. Youre welcome to work on it if you want:)

I don’t think I’ve actually seen anyone use that instrument.

Too bad you’re not gonna make it longer :confused:

John Marston, lol.