Layout Changes

Hello everyone !

I am currently redoing the complete layout and look of the website. So you might be experiencing weird display bugs, but rest assured I’m working as fast as possible to complete this.

Your comments are welcome and keep in mind that the colors are not final, I haven’t gone through all the sections yet but it’s getting there !

  • Frank

I love the changes, it is a lot more attractive(?) than before. I’m seeing similarities to Failsafe games also (but that isn’t a bad thing). Don’t get too crazy though, I don’t want each page to take 1 minute to load :)

I think it looks really good so far! I like the red and black colours. The neon logo is very nice, and the soft background too.

Agreed! The black/red combo is lovely and i could def get used to it! Although some of the text here and there is a bit hard to read because it’s too simmilar to the background its written on - although I’m sure you’re already well aware of that:P
Anyway, i’m looking forward to see the final thing!

Very sexy, Frankov. You’ve done you’re surprise comeback well.

see bar that are name is on (on the post). just a reminder to fix that. same with the LIKE button and the control panel when posting something.

Problem:can’t see names of regular members.

One thing that could be fixed, if you look in recent songs, songs with titles exceeding the area just go over the edge of the box.

This is amazing. Great work guys! :]

Le epic change. THANKS SO MUCH!

EDIT: I found a problem. The likes bar in people’s Likes doesn’t show names that well.

Huh, for the forums, they show up red for me.

Just to add to ggfchl’s problem:

Also, this:

All the errors and flaws aside, you’ve outdone yourself, Frank.

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Thanks for the comments everyone, will continue fixing the display errors tonight !

The site looks so much sexier than before. I love it.

Yeah! Awesome job!

Things that you viewed such as group topics and songs need a little tweaking still, and the commenting on a song could use a little tweaking also.

OMG, all our names are red! are we admins?

Otherwise, i hope there come some apps w/ a sampler!

Heya… this comment might not supposed to be here but… shmeh…

this has happened to my comp way before the layout changes but I was just wondering if anyone knew how to help this

I cant see the forum button and most of the “recent songs” and other sections like those are wacked out…

Help? Please?

I’m confused. Are you still having trouble with it now?

  1. Resize window
  2. Relaunch browser
  3. Check if it has anything to do with the browser (use a different browser, tell us which one you are using)
  4. Ask your computer pretty please to work correctly (this usually doesn’t work)

^ its been this way for months… and I have resized is 100’s of times D;

dark red: no. light red: yes.