Levels (leifeday remix) by Avicii/leifeday

I apologize in advance if i ruin this song for you.

Original in awesome a capella form:


PS: I considered posting this while it was still unfinished, but then i didn’t.
PPS: I decided to do a cover because i suck at them.


Not bad, But the electronic keyboard as the melody, almost sounds worse than the out tune green synths from my song: Organ donor, It earapes…
Sorry… and I was real exited when I saw this song… Maybe next time.

i like this song this particular composition doesnt sound the best…4.9/5 so great job :D

sorry for being picky :confused:

Too many smiley faces bro. (Your avatar suggusts your a chic.)

Aaronicstuff. -___- :)

Why didn’t you just start an eighth note ahead?

It sounds cool on sheets 5-9.

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Oh wow.
Just… WOW

is that a good wow or a bad wow?

and actually i am a boy the girl is my girlfriend…

I like this remix!