Lighthouse [WIP] by Muci

I was originally going for something ambient but it didn’t really end up ambient, at least I don’t think it did. Lacking the usual stuff, percussion and bass, but I’ll get those in afterward. Also, any name suggestions would be nice.
Don’t worry Trevz, today…

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Breezy Afternoon on the Bay
Evil Sea Queen
Storm’s a-Brewin’
Scenic Overlook

Music boxes should start soft then get louder otherwise it’s a little too sudden.
Definitely has some balance issues. Piano should be quieter, Also, probably should change the panning as a lot of the instruments auto-panned and it’s a little annoying.

Sounds awesome though! I really hope you fix the balance issues.

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bless you, this is so great
I don’t know how you’re going to add percussion but I think what you have now is good enough that it doesn’t need it. Maybe some timpani but drum beats would be unfitting.
My suggestion for the title is “The Lighthouse”.


I definitely heard the balance and panning issues and starting out soft is a good idea, thanks for the criticism sir.

Well thank you, and I wasn’t too sure about percussion either so I just left it out because of that. Timpani, maybe cymbal crashes/rolls? Might use that suggestion.

sounds like something you’d hear in a ‘storm at sea’ scene