List of Genres of Metal

Hey there! Hope you all actually had valentines… :,(
But anyways, I wanted to compile a list of metal genres because there are no real complete lists on the internet. Note that this will include ANY genre, regardless of how obscure, and is not by any means made up.

So here is the list!!!

Also, I’m giving a band or 2 in each genre.

Alternative Metal - System of a Down
Black Metal - Venom
Symphonic Black Metal - Celtic Frost
Viking Metal - Bathory
Cello Metal - Apoctalyptica
Christian Metal - Stryper
Unblack Metal - Horde
Crust Punk - Amebix
Death Metal - Morbid Angel
Death ‘n’ Roll - Entombed
Melodic Death Metal - The Black Dahlia Murder
Technical Death Metal - Cynic
Doom - Candlemass
Funeral Doom - Evoken
Death/Doom - My Dying Bride
Drone Metal - Earth
Progressive metal - Dream theater
Extreme Progressive Metal - Between the Buried and Me
Thrash Metal - Slayer
Power Metal - Almah
Speed Metal - Motorhead
Pagan Metal - In The Woods…
Samurai Metal - Mononofu
Sludge Metal - Mastodon
Post Metal - Helmet
Grunge Metal - Soundgarden
Metalcore - Bullet for my Valentine
Nu-Metal - Korn
Rap Metal - Rage Against the Machine
Glam Metal - Twisted Sister
Groove Metal - Pantera
Funk Metal - Faith No More
Traditional Heavy Metal - Deep Purple
Crossover Thrash Metal - Corrosion of Conformity
Teutonic Thrash Metal - Kreator
Symphonic Metal - Therion
Stoner Rock - Acid King
Djent - Meshuggah
Neo-Classical Metal: Vinnie Moore
Nintendocore - rainbowdragoneyes
Mathcore - Dillinger Escape Plan
Deathcore - Suicide Silence
Melodic Metalcore - All That Remains
Metalcore - Hatebreed
Latin Metal - Sepultura
Industrial Metal - Ministry
Grindcore - Napalm Death
Deathgrind - Cephalic Carnage
Goregrind - Carcass
Pornogrind - Lividity
Gothic Metal - Paradise Lost
Folk Metal - Cruachan
Celtic Metal - Primordial
Medieval Metal - Subway to Sally
Pagan Metal - Moonsorrow
Experimental Metal - Boris
Dark Metal - Black Sabbath
Australian War Metal - Destroyer 666
Circus Metal - Dog Fashion Disco
Epic Metal - Manowar
Gore Metal - Cannibal Corpse
Grunge Metal - Alice in Chains
Ice Metal - Sonata Arctica
Oriental Metal - Salem
Party Metal - Cheap Trick
Baroque - Alex Masi
Comedy Metal - Spinal Tap
Synth Metal - Royal Hunt
SID Metal - Machinae Supremacy
Vedic Metal - Canyon
More coming soon!

What’s the point of adding unblack metal to this list? It’s the same as normal black metal they just talk about jesus instead of Satan.

If you guys want me to i could make something like this but for electronic music:P

I could do the same thing for Zimbabwean folk music.

Progressive metal - Dream theater
Extreme Progressive Metal - Mixture of extreme metal and Progressive, includes Progressive Death and Black metal as well as some other bands that don’t fit into categories.
Thrash Metal - Slayer
Power Metal - Almah
Speed Metal - Motorhead
Pagan Metal - In The Woods…

There is also,
Samurai Metal - Mononofu
Sludge Metal - idk
Post Metal - idk

Zimbabwean Hip Hop
Mbira DzeNjari
Zimbawean Gospel Music
Zimbabwean Rumba (Soukous)
Urban Grooves

…Grunge Metal - Soundgarden
Metalcore - Bullet for my Valentine

… Lol I don’t know much else…

Thanks Aliens, can’t forget metalcore! Also nu-metal, rap metal, glam metal/hair metal, groove metal, funk metal…

“Metal” doesn’t seem like a word anymore.

Korn is numetal

Since this got revived:
Rocky Mountain Hydro Grind - Cephalic Carnage
Avant-Garde Metal - Diablo Swing Orchestra
Trance Metal - Blood Stain Child