Little Siblings

I am the oldest of five and I’m 13. I have 3 brothers (12,5,1) and 1 sister (3). It gets really annoying. Anyone else have younger brothers/sisters or nieces/nephews that come over often?

I happen to be the middle child. I’m 16, almost 17… my brother is 15, and my sister is about… 36 or 37 lol
My two nephews (forget their ages) are awesome too. Feels kinda weird sharing info about my family with a forum like this… oh well.
Just as long as no one tries to try and stalk me or my family… that means you Sandalman, stay away! lmao

I’m the oldest of just two. My youger brother is 11 and I’m 15.

Hey, I just realized I can get my temps now!

What’s a temp? I am 15, middle child 3 siblings all sisters, 20, 18, 13

Good question… what is a temp?

Oh, sorry. “Temp” is a temporary learner’s permit to drive a car.

Oh, one of those… ok then.

it’s 16 here

Yeah, we can get our “temps” here at 15 1/2 and our liscence at 16.

Here in Canada, we get our G1 at 16… then have to wait 2 full years til we can actualy drive without another licenced driver with us. I hate this little system of getting our licence.

It’s the same in New York(where I live)

That seems like it would suck. In Kansas, you can get a learner’s permit at 14, and then a full license at 16.

Here in Ohio, you can get a moped liscence at 14.

That would suck. I feel for you kd.

Thanks lol. And it’s not always 18 when we get our full license either. It’s 2 years after we get our G1… so if it’s someone like me who is almost 17 and still hasn’t gotten off his lazy ass to go get his G1… I’ll have to wait until I’m 19. Speaking of which, I might actually go and get it sometime next week if I can.

Wow, that makes it evem worse. I never realized how good I have it when it comes to this.

lol, don’t you love it when other people’s lives are worse than yours, or have it harder than you, and it makes you feel better about yourself?
And I like how this topic of ‘Little Siblings’ has turned into talking about getting our drivers licenses lmao.

same here. it sucks

Yeah, that’s what I was thinking on the last page!

Back to Little Siblings or soon to be…

My mom is pregnant with her 6th child! Yay for me!! (not really)