Locking Topics

Well I don’t think you should be locking topics (like the “help” ones in this category) if someone else needs to post something relevant instead of cluttering up with other unnecessary topics. Just delete any off-topic posts.

For once, you seem to make a pretty valid point.

Does this make me the Admin?

Why would that make you admin? :roll: Unless that was sarcasm… in that case. “Haha, good one!”

Er … yeah, of course that was sarcasm. :D

its wishful thinking. Doing something good should have a reward, amirite?

A reward, sure. But not control over the whole site.

Not amirite, whatever that is, I’d prefer chocolate.

coughYes I know what you mean but I’m just pretending to be stupid as me thinking up a humorous and witful reply doesn’t work.

“Amirite?” means “Am I right?”

Muse just likes playing dumb… or at least I think it is playing. It might be real.

Also, Amirite would be a good name for a mineral in Runescape or Minecraft.

muse just trolled yall

y’all has an ’ in it.

Locking a topic in the help section is because the question has been answered and it prevents you spammers from spamming it up in them.

But I’ve seen topics be locked before the question was answered all the time.

ya, i made a thread for this already in the news thread for whatever reason.

That’s because the answer was in an obvious spot, like a stickied topic, that the poster “failed” to recognize.

But I wan’t to to hear a “OH, OK” before its freaking closed! I want to know he FREAKING UNDERSTANDS!!!


Usually, those guys just post the topic and never sign on again. It’s kinda useless, IMO.

Well gs might pronounce “oh” with a “h” in front, so it coincidentally sounds like “hoe, ok”.

than why even answer?

we should be like, “screw you for not reading the rules/fixes” and lock it.