Lost Games

Have you ever lost (a) game(s) and no matter WHAT YOU FUCKING DO!!! you cannot for the life of you find it?

Im in that right now, a bag, let me just repeat my self, A BAG of almost ALL OF MY HANDHELD GAMES, are nowhere to be found. there was 10-20 games in there.

Omfg i hate this… espiecially when someone mentions the game again around me i nostalgia-gasm all over the place, it hurts. When I was like 8 I lost ratchet and clank (my favorite game at the time) when ever someone mentions the game I nearly breakdown in tears, thats how much the game meant to me. And for those wondering, no I couldn’t just buy it again. Unfortunately, for us, money was (and still is .__.) very very hard to get and my parents could barely pay for the damn game the first time.

Final Fantasy Tactics for the GBA.

Pokemon Red Rescue team I LOVED THAT GAME…my nephew reset it and a week later blam gone

I lost mine about 4 years ago :twisted:

Necropost FTW.

He’s battling with Jhoan.

Exact same, except i had Gran Turismo 1. Which I lost when I was eight. Loved it.

I lost Yoshi’s Island. I was depressed that day

For only a day? your weird :twisted:

Well, I found out that my neighbor stole it. I was pissed off 'cause it’s the only thing that entertained me.

Besides my blender.