Lulzy Time Display

I made a song with 9996 (it now has 10000 measures) measures and tempo at 1 and I get a time like this:

0-31599: 0-1: 0-80

Can someone tell me what’s going on?
Also, while the song plays while the time display is jacked up like that, it COUNTS DOWN. I’m guessing that it means that there is a limit to how long the song could be.

Link to song:

Does anyone use the tracker anymore…?

If the tracker was meant to be used, then the “Bugs / Features request” forum wouldn’t exist. Instead, it would be called “Features request”. Besides, it takes weeks just to get a reply in the tracker. So to answer your question… rarely.

Okay… Because I just used it <_>

My point still stands: How many people use it? How often do they use it? How many people use this forum instead?

I stand corrected

I don’t think realistically this needs to be fixed.