Madness (Muse cover) {UPDATE #1} by Muse

Wow, halfway done in one update? I thought this would be HARD!

I fucked up somewhere, didn’t I?


The only thing that’s wrong is the bass. On the “MaMaMaMaMaMaMa” part, the bass should be at Bb2 and on the “Mad Mad Mad” the bass needs to be at Bb3. It’s like that for the whole song, besides the like parts at the chorus of course, & the syncopation in the chorus is slightly wrong, but it’s really not standing out, so I wouldn’t worry about it.

Also, there is no bass drum on the same time as the snare.

I was actually going to do this song awhile back, but I figured it would be too boring for Notessimo if you didn’t know/like the song already, but I enjoyed this. I am actually working on Undisclosed Desires currently, so now I know there is at least 1 Muse fan here who can appreciate that.

I also liked the fact you used ocarina for the bass, but why do you have techno bass accompanying it on a different note?

I used the techno bass on a different note to give two different sounds to the bass while still keeping them on the same pitch (if that makes sense). Eb for the techno bass is the same as Bb on the ocarina (for some weird reason) and I thought it sounded better than if I just used the ocarina.
I used the kick with the snare to make it stand out more, but I realized as I posted the song that it wasn’t right, so that will be fixed, along with the bass issues if you’re right about that.
And I don’t know many Muse songs and DEFINITELY wouldn’t call myself a fan. To me, they’re a great band, but not the kind of great which makes me want to listen to every single song they have out right fuckin’ now, which is how I classify a music fan. I’m a “fan” of fun. I’m a “fan” of Tristam. I’m even a “fan” of Fall Out Boy. Not exactly a “fan” of Muse.

(You give me an essay, I respond with an essay)

Alrighty then.

I hope you finish this song in a moment, keep it up, Leife!