Make flash games and good software sites

We need a thread where people share what software they use to make games. I realy did this for my benifit (rock) cause I want to make a game bad; and my software has to be less than 100 bucks.

Well talk about your progress in your games, what games you’ve made, and what games you can copyright (rock) .

Right now, I’ve got a team working on our first project. I’m not going to go into detail right now about it (it’s not very far yet), but I believe our programmer is using Sothink SWF Quicker, a program he found at Giveaway of the Day.

Or, if you want it for free, then you can get the coughtorrentcough by clicking here. <–(That download link should be safe. I used it and haven’t had any problems)

Do you mind me asking if you’re an automated spam bot?

The bots are getting smarter. :open_mouth:

I’m not even entirely sure it is a bot … maybe bot-human hybrid?

Those are called E-marketers, Muse.