Marching Band Show Tunes & Cadences!

Post all marching band-esque material here:

My works:

Night Watch Movement I NEW

Night Watch Movement III NEW

Gotta Move

Pregame Marching Band Cadence

Quad Feature

listen.php?id=32745 (incomplete)

Your works: please submit via post or pm
Disclaimer: Sheet music may have been used as a template for the aforementioned works

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Im not a mod BUT no double posts

You’re not allowed to embed twice in the same post? If so, I’ll keep that in mind in the future.

No, you are not allowed to embed more than one song in each post.
For the other rules, read this.

Yes thank-you. Anyone want to talk about this? Or am I just gonna be handed rule books here?

since you made this thread, can we make original marching band things, or do they have to be real?

Uh, this thread was originally exclusive for the viewing and discussion of these two cadences, but I don’t mind if you detract the thread further by posting your own in here. At least we’ll get some discussion going on.

Tell me, which cadence do you like the best?

I’m working on a song right now: African Spirit Dance. It’ll fit right in.

since “The Purge” we haven’t let forum posts stay around if they were only for a certain song or too. you can make another thread with all of your creations on it but you have to have enough

all in favor of making this the official Marching Band song topic say “I,” then type it in a post

Id like that, and i like the first one.

That’s quite an unusual regulation you guys enforce. But, “I”.

Also, I just finished up creating another cadence I remembered from marching band starring the quads.

Quad Feature

We didn’t really have a permanent quad line until this year, so the cadence isn’t really embedded into my head as much as these first two cadences I have presented you. Overall however, this is still quite a catchy beat.

Isn’t that what i said?

Please keep this thread on topic. If you have any personal vendetta against anyone take it outside of my thread.

I can understand once if you don’t respond with anything relevant to my topic. But doing it twice is just a thorn in the arse, man. Please CONTRIBUTE.

Ok I will and thanks I’ll have to use that vendetta stuff to get people on my thread to go back on topic 8-)

Oh, and yeah, I remember those days… :D boiling in the sun

Where are the trumpets?

Ah yeah, I may be a mod… but I do throw things off topic a lot. Along with Fishrocker and JMan.
But ok, I’ll try to keep myself from doing that.


Drumline represents what I remember most from band. Trumpets… Not so much.

Also, I don’t mind if someone creates some marching band selections to feed this thread. Hell, if I like it, I’ll put it in the OP for you.

I sort of wanted to be funny there

Yeah but you got me thinking. I’ve been trying to rearrange a Christmas parade our high school put on, but these wind instruments are harder to configure than the drums…

Since I only have one part to the music, I’ll have to transpose, and plus there are other melodies that I will probably leave out (because I don’t have the part). I’ll probably crap something out, and it will be horrible.

So I’m just going to play around with this contraption for a while and see what happens.

Ok back on topic now everyone