Mario Paint!!!

OMFG!!! I was at my friends house…and.and… I saw mario paint for the super nintendo… For some random reason… I felt like I wanted to play it… So I got a version for my pc offline!! It’s awesome! Watch these youtube videos of it…

Crazy Train

Through The Fire And Flames
Ya know that is kind of sad… Ppl can make songs like that on mario paint but not on notessimo??


Sweet Child O’Mine

That TTFAF song just so happens to be made by a member here, Levus. I haven’t seen him on in quite some time though.

Also, did you have to put ‘approved by me’ in the title? I don’t think that’s really necessary.

WELL!!! Ppl usually would probably yell at me again for putting it in without that, soooooo i can get rid of it you know!!

GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR I looked it up and tried to download it,but It needed WINZIP and my free trial of WINZIP ran out and I dont wanna by WINZIP!!! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! explodes

Use Winrar. It has a ‘free trial’ too, but it continues to work after the trial is done.

or get 7zip

Ive been doing this in my spare time, Im not tooin to n2 for the fact that the concept of the SAME INSTRUMENTS is boring.

At least with mpc you can make your own soundsets

i still have my copy of mario paint for the snes

try to make something without sharps or flats or additional sheets while only being able to stack notes three at a time

its pretty intense

[code]Evolution of Video Games Epic Medley (Made in Mario Paint Composer) - YouTube

[/code]1.evolution of video games
2. Paint Roll’d
3.bohemian Rhapsody
4.The Final Countdown