Mega Man

I bought Mega Man 2,3, and 9(I’ve only played the original) and they are all awesome. I almost beat Gemini Man but I ran out of Snakemans thing and he shot me, in the head too! hes a Jerk…
Has anyone seen MM1 powered-up? It’s the stupidest rendition of anything, just look it up on youtube. … re=related

I still like brentalfloss’s version better! lol
Mega Man theme with Lyrics

EDIT: Shouldn’t this be in the video games section? Just wondering…

I’ve been playing Megaman lately too. I have the Anniversary Collection (1-8). I beat all the bosses in Megaman 1 and 2, but can’t pass Dr. Wily’s stages. I almost beat everyone in the 3rd, but I think I need Snake Man and Gemini Man. I’m gonna try and beat 'em all! Wish me luck

I know his stage is easier, but finish gemini before needle. lol zoom in on my avatar.

If Capcom is watching us, I have a few suggestions:
Psy Man on camouflauge woman
camo woman on mirror man
mirror man on sun man
sun man on mech man
mech man on psy man
dragon man on float man
float man on typhoon woman
typhoon woman dragon man

Dayman… He would be FIGHTER of the NIGHTMAN aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
Champion of the sun aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
Master of karate and friendship to everyone

Note Man-WTF
Camouflague Woman-WTF

Well Note man can have a sound based attack and CW can have auseless attack like top man

or CW can make you invisible, but enemies still attack you, and you’ll fall off of edges because you can’t see where you’re going.
Also, I was wondering why I can’t use Top Man’s attack. Is it really useless?

pretty much, except for SM battle.

what does it do?

you spin, It works on virtually nothing except for shadow man.

I haven’t beaten Shadow Man yet. He keeps jumping and I keep missing and then I die. Next time I play, I gotta try Top Man’s attack

once again, ZOOM IN ON MY AVATAR!!!

can somebody tell me an easy way to beat the yellow devil? Ive failed so much, it’s not funny.

what game is that on? I’ve never heard of it before

oh, its the first boss in mm1’s wily stages

I can’t even pass his stage.

just wondering, does anyone want to do the drawings for the masters I (or you) invented? I suck at drawing so i probably wont be doing that
Also, Fish, did you get the special item in elecman’s stage (behind the blocks you can get rid of with gutsman’s power)? It helps A LOT.

OHHHH!!! Does it help me get past the part where it is really tall? Those walls that nobody can jump over or destroy? That is where I give up cuz I don’t know how to get past it. I’ll need to drop by Elecman’s stage and pick up the goods.