Mellow by Hellstick

An intro to a track i worked on a while back. I will not finish this since i hate it. Still though, i thought you guys should have a chance to hear it…


I like this.

You hate it? :C

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It’s weird hearing something so soft & simple from you, I didn’t even see who uploaded it at first & didn’t suspect it would be you.
I like the cymbal work. I always like your use of hats because it’s always so intricate, but I especially like it here.
So, why is it you hate it?

It just seems too empty compared to what i wanted to achieve… I do like the melody, but i dont think the instruments provided can achieve the sound i want:/

Do you think this will be something you do in Garageband or any other DAW then?

Nope… I havent figured out a propper way to make drum n bass in garageband yet, unfortunately:/

Seems kind of weird, I’m not sure how garageband works, but the fact that it restricts you from an entire genre you do, it can’t be too good.
I’m assuming you use an Apple Computer since Garageband is for macs, but to name a few DAWs, try Pro Tools, Ableton, & I believe FL Studio is releasing, or just released, a Beta for Macs.

It is a rubbish program indeed. I have the ideas to create awesome tracks, but i dont have the skills to do so. The fact that i have to start all over and learn a new program from scratch is such a long and troublesome road to walk when i want to be good now:(
I’m only limiting myself though, and i really should concider upgrading my software… I have been concidering ableton, reason and fl quite a few times before. Not to mention cubase since thats what most of the big guys seem to use.

I can understand not wanting to start over, but since you would be using a more serious program, it would definitely be worth it for the long run, especially if you want to ‘make it’. I don’t know if all the DAWs you listed have a trial/demo version, but I would try them all if you can & learn the basics to see which one you work with best. They should have manuals which are a big help.
I also struggle with not having the skills to get my ideas out. I really only know a handful of keys & writing techniques or w/e, but hey, you can only get better.

Apple is overly-expensive and the stuff they give you still sucks. That’s why you shouldn’t use Apple products.

Way to take something completely out of context & at the same time possibly offend someone.