Merry Christmas, guys.

Well, not quite. =P
It’s never too early to get into the holiday spirit, right?

No it’s not too early. That actually sounded pretty good. I liked it all until that tamborine came in in “We Wish You A Merry Christmas”.

That was great…but the tambourine was annoying (rock)

I’ve seen this before in browse-but I forget if it was you that posted it first…
So I’m a bit suspicious.

Great song through, and it’s a bit too late… (rock)


I made it a year ago. I just never posted it here.

[ ... codes.html](

More proof.

I am also into the Holiday spirit, so I suppose it would be fitting to put something here.

Enjoy the Ukranian “Carol of the Bells”.

I’m playing a lot of that in my band c:

Sounds cool.

Fang already did his own version of his, but I went for a twist…

Needs A LOT of cleaning up and some more parts to add in, but I wanted toshow you guys.

I throw my hat into the pot, or something like that.

Tecnically speeking, this isn’t really a christmas song, but I consider it one.

Sorry, no jazzy interludes, as I couldn’t find a tab that had them in it for free.


Full orchestra. Strings, brass winds etc. A little something for Chrismas :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I can honestly say that that is THE BEST song here, no questions asked.

How long did this take because it was effin’ ridiculously amazing.

I cant even point anything out it was so great, the way the trumpet comes in with an attack but then blends into the background, tat little riff the clarinet/english horn played. the crescendos and de-crescendos and strings totally BLEW MY MIND.

It was like a blowjob for my ears, 10/10

Woohoo! Thanks, man. The song took about 4 days to compose :smiley:

Did you clean up afterwards?

Im still working on it…

Soulda worn a hefty bag… (rock)

Here is a revival considering the time of year and to inspire some composers.


cough Anthony, I’m waiting…

I was thinking that you would’ve made one muse…

Only after I get one million Euro. /bribe