Messing around (Recording) by Clearwata

So… I was really bored. I played piano for a while. Then I decided to record myself playing (somewhat) random songs from my folder. And this happened.

Warning: mistakes and profanity strewn everywhere. This was my first or second time playing all of these in like a month.

If you can guess all of the songs you get a cookie.
If you watch the entire thing you get two more cookies and something else.

Btw the file is named pianoshit.note. I thought that was very important to mention.


i don’t have money for buy a real piano. Or get this fu*** V3 too :c

You’ll get it eventually sweet jesus you complain a lot


I have a piano, but i have 7 years, but NOT YOUR FUCKING GOOD LEVEL, it’s awesome, ( yeah XD )


Thanks! I’ve been playing for about 6 years myself. :smiley:

Oh yeah and also replying to Dusty (because I’m not going to reply to every comment in a separate message) Look in the bottom right corner. I whisper them and it’s too quiet to hear so I wrote them in.

I didn’t hear any profanity.

I am very disappointed.

I can imagine you didn’t do this in one take.

the stars tho

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I am proud.

U liar

CLEARWATER YOU’RE BACK! :smiley: We missed you!


i will pay u 300 dollars to say fuk


Give me my 300 dollars bitch