MIDI input

How about making songs in Real Life with your keyboard songs playing with MIDI on Notessimo? I dreamt about that feature.

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Probably available in V3.

This should’ve been a status update, not a topic. This should be locked. just sayin’

This is an actual request. I also want MIDI input. I don’t see why this should be a status update.

I hate this place.

Oh sorry. I mistook this for a similar “Midi output” type thread. Carry on.

I don’t use midi, just sayin’.

I already created a topic on this before. Starburst said it would be in v3.0 or something along those lines.

If you use FL studio, you are basically using midi.

I use a midi keyboard and fruity loops studios and I agree; it is like using a midi keyboard. Although a midi keyboard is easier for me to use, it tends to be harder to use a midi keyboard rather than fruity loops studios for most people.

like use OpenMPT to make MIDIs out of it.


Anyway, this topic was talking about MIDI input in V3, not general MIDI creation.

Is Dolan gonna be me when I first joined? Bumping old threads until I was warned?


I wonder if V3 will have visualizers as well, like an equalizer for the player? That would be kind of cool.

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i mean

Although it would be nice if there was an equalizer function.

The player, I mean.