Minecraft Traps

If you didn’t read the title of this thread through some absolutely impossible event, this is a thread where you can share traps! Post each trap with a list of blocks needed and steps to make it.
Here’s one: Diamond Pit!
You need: A diamond block, netherrack, flint and steel, and torches.


  • Dig a large pit straight downwards.
  • Once it is large enough, dig out a square room at the bottom and light it with torches.
  • Plug the pit with a diamond block.
  • Surround it on 3 sides with netherrack.
  • Light the netherrack and hide at the bottom.

People should mine the block, fall, and die. Collect their stuff and plug the hole again.

Trap Ore!
You need: TNT, Two Redstone Torches, Sand or Gravel, and any Rare Ore.


  • Place the ore on the ground.
  • Put a redstone torch on the back of the ore.
  • Place sand/gravel on top of the torch.
  • Place a redstone torch on the sand/gravel.
  • Surround the torch with TNT. Do not place TNT lower than the torch itself or it will explode.
  • Cover up the trap and wait for someone to mine the ore, setting off the TNT.

The Ambush:
You need: any shiny metal


  • Place the shiny metal and wait for the target to investigate.
  • Jump out and start beating them with a stick.

first one: No. Any minecrafter knows to NEVER dig straight down. Anyone who falls for the trap has to be the dumbest person ever.

second one: What? pics, kthnx

You should never dig straight up or across too.

In reply to the doctor, I know it seems complicated, but it’s one of those things where you just do what it says without thinking. Unfortunately, I can’t figure out how to upload screenshots, but I assure you that If I learned without, you probably can too. But, just in case, let me simplify. Put a block of ore down. Go around the back and put a red stone torch directly on the back of the block, rest sand on the torch, put a red stone torch on top of the sand, and make a ring of TNT around the torch. When someone mines it, they go boom. Simple as that.

Press Alt-Print Screen to take screenshots of your current window. Print Screen may be called Prt Scr, Print Scrn, Prt Scn, or Prnt Scr on your keyboard.

Then Ctrl-V into Paint, and save.

Go to a site like imgur.com and upload your file.