Mobile Notessimo

Here are some pics of the Mobile Notessimo site. It’s just regular on a phone, and it changes automatically. There’s no or anything. At the bottom, there’s a Full Version button. It’s quite nice. THANK YOU STARBURST.

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All I see is the normal site?

Oh, were you expecting a mobile composing site? I haven’t found that yet. I doubt it’d be easy to work with an iPhone. This is just for forums and messages and whatnot.

No the forums and everything still show up normal for me!

Oh! Not like they do in the picture? :c

I’ve noticed that adobe doesn’t support iOS

This is what I see:

Yeah, Apple and Adobe never signed a contract together about anything Adobe getting on the iPhone or any Apple product. Which is why Flash videos can’t be played on the iPhone.

Yeah, that showed up for a while for me also. It’s not really mobile-friendly. I had to touch the tabs up top twice to get them to go. But then it just automatically switched to the version that I showed a day or two ago. Not sure why it happened!

just get the normal on my ipad :( notessimo needs to be on ios so bad

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On My Ipod I Can’t See How Many Views my songs have! because it somehow screwed up! and i’m sad. :’(

Alien… Why Do You Put Caps At The Beginning Of Most Of Your Word… Xp…lol that face dosent work when you do that… xP (there we go)

On topic… I get the mobile notessimo thing just like sir sonfax.

I Just Feel Like It. It Improves My Typing. AND I FeelLike I Make Mistakes If I Don’t use Caps… I Don’t USALLY Do This But…

But you’re making mistakes when you’re typing like that, it’s bad grammar to capitalize every word! c:

it’s just too slow browsing the site via handheld device.
Anybody want a “Notessimo Forums” app?

Which handheld do you use?

ipod touch 3rd generation

I’m on my phone and I got the mobile site, it was a nice surprise.

For Android, Adobe stopped supporting Flash on 4.0 and newer as well. Me being on 4.2, that news made me kinda sad.

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I dunno why I still carry my iPod around with me, the only thing that works is safari and even that doesn’t support Flash.

^Welcome back :smiley:

Thanks. :smiley:

Not sure if I’ll be posting as much as I used to, but it’s cool to see everyone again.