More Notessimo Features

Playlist Tools Thread

Follow button to receive notifications

maybe an drop-menu tab giving the user the option to choose which notifications they get. Perhaps a series of checkboxes
“Receive notifications when this user uploads a song”
“Receive notifications when this user edits a song”
“Receive notifications when this user posts a topic”

Making all banners for song categories flush with the theme. (this gives me OCD I never thought I had)



or even alternatively have all the video game songs in their own dedicated “Video Games” category with each individual game as a sub category

Lastly; bots that make posts whenever a new song is uploaded/song is featured
could be just restricted to twitter or reddit
Automatically posts and can be followed or muted like normal bots.

For the Follow button idea, maybe on the song browsing page there could be a “Following” option next to the Latest, Featured, Most Liked, Most Listens. Then have an option in preferences for the notifications.