More pitches!

I think the pitch range should be more broad. For example, we have octaves of C1 through C6. I think we need to go beyond those limits. Anyone agree?


No the samples are already bad over C5/ under C2.

the black techno keyboard on C and my piano at home on C are completley different C’s in pitch.

Some instruments are like a semitone off

Just like the Synth Bass #1

Yes I just covered that.

I like the Idea, but it would only work if the instruments were changed and the pitch calculation for the instruments changed to made them sound better at higher and lower pitches.

me too

I just think they should put the instruments which are the same pictogram, but tuned right!

Maybe V3 will fix this issue… if it has some of the features of V2

I hope the next instruments have the same sample but correct pitched:
Synth Bass #1 & #2
Synth #1 & #2
Techno Bass #1
Low Piano #1
Rhodes #1
Trumpet #1
Bass #1
Soprano Sax #1
Chrystal #1
Piccolo Trumpet #1
Triangle Wave #1

^ ^
Objection if using them, those instruments will have variations,but pitched & tuned right!

Stop bitching about it Verbist, and you spelled Crystal wrong.
V3 will come quicker than you’ll expect it to.

I’ll soil my adult diaper if Crystal is still out of tune & i agree about that fcencoreding V3!

why are you being so impossible?

Because i want to make better grammar!!


okay, does this mean my piano is off key?

What piano?

MY piano.

Because I want to HAVE better grammar.

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I recommend taking ESL classes. Clearly, English isn’t your first language.