More Xylophones & Guitars by Marimbaguy/Balafondude/Xyloguy/Ross Vibes/Glockensick2000/Blastscrap/Xyloblaster6000/Metaldude/Guitarguy

I made this in April 3rd.

Important: i am the Marimbaguy,the Balafondude,the Xyloguy,Ross Vibes (my vibist name),Glockensick2000 (I like Glockenspiels.),Blastcrap,Xyloblaster6000 (because i used xylophone & Blastcans), Metaldude (because its one of my old names on here) & Guitarguy (because i like guitars)

Guys, this is an experiment like the rest!

My thoughts listening to the Metal Guitar at 300% volume in this song:
“My ears don’t care whether this was made April 3rd or not. They just want their hearing back.”

My thoughts on the structure and arrangement of this composition:
“Can we not.”

My ears after hearing measure 52:
“Guide me through this Hell.”

Admittedly, I liked the glockenspiel/xylophone parts near the beginning, along with the introductory marimba portion. I understand that it is an experiment; but if it’s just a random mish-mash of different instruments (I’m looking at you, max. volume metal guitar), I’m not sure that you need to publish it. Just my two cents.


are you on some kind of… material?