Most Liked

I think Most Listens should be changed to Most Liked

What do you mean? Just change the text, or change the text and show songs with the most likes?
There is already a top rated, but a most liked search option might be cool.

Liking songs has only been around since the website changed. Old songs without that system will not be on the list.

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Then maybe what Cup of Joe said?

You mean as opposed to now where new songs aren’t on the list? As of now, all of the songs on the list are at least 3 years old. Most of them are 5 years old and one is even 6 years old. I’m not saying the list should be removed or changed, but i think it would be interesting adding an all new list with what squid guy originally suggested.

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most viewed: no
most listened: yes
most liked: yes
highest rating: maybe. does anybody rate songs anymore?