Most Listens

Does anyone out there know what song has the most listens? fishrocker brought this to my attention when he said something in my thread about views and ratings. I then checked through my songs and found that the highest number of views any of my songs have is What I’ve Done with 545. It also has 30 ratings. Can anyone beat that?

Damn, the closest I got was 230 listens with 17 ratings on Push Push (Lady Lightning)… at least it has 4.94/5

I dunno which has the most of all time. Probably J-E-N-O-V-A.

My personal best is on Dark Woods Circus, 99 listens and 13 ratings… which happened to all be 5/5. That gives me the feeling people aren’t being 100% honest, but maybe I’m just good.

Sadly it is probably not J-E-N-O-V-A. You can thank Starbursts’ faith in the higher brain functions of the internet’s body politic for that. And, while I disapprove of such a thread, I’m going to go ahead and guess Bohemian Rhapsody at 690 listens averaging 4.94/5 over 64 votes, because I’s loves me some hypocrisy.

Also, AIDS.

Nobody likes my songs, so my highest has 79 listens (the Great Race) However, I think my Final Boss Battle (RPG), will probably be my best one because it has 68 listens in a few weeks, and the Great Race has been out since July.

Lost woods 299 listens 3 ratings XD

Yeah, that’s pretty sad.

I bet if I finish TTFAF and get it up on Youtube, it’ll have the most listens/ratings by far

I’d have to agree.

Or what if someone did Free Bird, or another epic song. I wonder how many views it’ll get?

Ah yeah, that one would be amazing if someone made it and it sounded great! I might be up to the challenge one day, how bout anyone else?

definitely not me. I don’t know how I arranged Welcome to Bucketheadland, because if I try to arrange a song, I’ll get bored and quit (Cherub Rock). Speaking of WtBHL, I wonder if anybody would like to put it on Youtube. I would, but you guys know the rules. FISHY IS NOT ALLOWED ON YOUTUBE.

ill do it. ill give you credit and all that jazz. why dont you try convincing your parents that its not bad? you only have to be 13 to register and 18 to watch “adult” videos. and from what ive heard, theyre not really adult, it may have bad words such as sex and it really isnt, my friend’s a perv.

Yeah, Youtube isn’t very bad… unless you’re easily influenced over some of the stupid crap that’s on that… my brother would be one of those people. But yeah, with an account, unless you’re 18+, adult videos are blocked… besides, they can’t be anything too bad either, I’ve looked lmao

and we all knew that YOU would look it up!

Stuff that bad isnt allowed on youtube to prevent that, the only thing for 18+ is constant droping the F-Bomb, girl bikini wrestling, and 2 girl one cup reactions.

Well, yeah! Why the hell wouldn’t I?

And yeah, Sandalman pretty much summed it up for you Fishy.

the last time my mom and I had a “Youtube Discussion”, she said the awful things are inappropriate language, people getting shot, people half naked, etc.

I’ll try in the morning, only if she is in a good mood.

I don’t really get how anyone could have a problem with Youtube. It’s not like you can find anything worse there than what you might find at a typical high school (or maybe even middle school, now). Granted, there is some “inappropriate language” (protected by the first amendment) and some “people half naked” (as you would find at any beach or pool during the summer), but the only “people getting shot” I can find on Youtube are from news reports, assuming you exclude airsoft, BB, and paintball guns.

lol, my friend sent a vid to watch and the title was hot sex so i decided “its not flagged, it cant be bad” and it was only an episode of carebears. (hlisten)

I think High School is worse in the language department than any YouTube vid I’ve seen.

Back on topic…
Does anyone have any highly viewed/rated vids?