My band.

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My band playing raining blood with a custom solo. I got out of time around 2:00 but i got back on track.
I love my drum solo in this p.s. I’m on drums

Nice job.

I need help!
A couple friends and I are forming a band for our talent show and we need a song to play. We want a rock song (no metal) that isn’t going to be too hard to play. Our bassist wants something fairly challenging, though and I don’t think it should have a boring or repetitive drum part either. Please give me some ideas!

Wow that’s crazy! I’m in the same situation as you are lmao Weird…
Except my problem is that I don’t have a singer or bassist yet. But suggestions would be nice

And Jan, I’d say something from AC/DC, Airbourne, Tool, or ZZ Top would be cool.

Dont fear the Reaper
Down with The Sickness
Something by Bang Camaro

Those are pretty easy songs

Bang Camaro is easy on everyone except the guitarists lol
I’m trying to convince my other guitarist for us to play a BC song, but he doesn’t want to. And he’s technically the ‘leader’ since he started this little idea. But I won’t stop! I have Bryn Bennett on Facebook (he’s one of their lead guitarists) and I’ll see if I can get a tab from him.

For the talent show, we have decided to play It’s Not My Time by 3 Doors Down. I think. We were going to do Kryptonite by 3 Doors Down, but our drummer wanted more of a challenge. Also, our bassist dropped out and we are having trouble finding a new one. And we have less than 2 weeks before the show.

Our band is Subnation. Unfortunatly no one joins my band. My friend made a screamo band and they asked for me cause I play guitar and I refused because I hate screamo.
So obviously they quit like two weeks after. I’m still searching for other peeps but none so far.

We are also going to play Kryptonite by Three Doors Down.

Well, my friend brought up the talent show thing again… 'cept this time I think we’re gonna go through with it lol
I’ve been looking around for some nice songs to play and I came across this one. What do you guys think of it? Personally, I think it’s awesome… it’ll be tricky to learn though.

On Saturday, I formed what I guess would be a ska band. We’ve got a guitar, trombone, trumpet (me), and bassoon (yes, weird, I know). I also want a tenor sax, drummer, and bassist. A midi version of our first song can be found here.

I’m doing sax!
But I’m still learning…
Sorry Jan.

I’ve got a tenor sax player, drummer, and bassist now.