My first ever songs

New member here and i’m lovin’ it.

Here are a couple of my songs, please comment on them.

P.S. How do you make those cool beats in the background?
P.P.S. Your ‘Register’ link is broken. I registered by typing a random email and password which took me to another page and I press on the link under it.


To quickly get to the point, you only have two songs and according to the mods you need at least six or something. A mod will probably lock this but you can always post your songs in other threads here or wait until you have enough.

You first song was ok, but to be honest it doesn’t really seem like you put a lot of work into it, it was more like a simply melody or something. Remember you can change a note’s length by clicking on it.

You second song wasn’t the best either. Music is all about everything sounding nice and unless you have some freaky talent you have to know a bit of theory to make a good song. I don’t like to break bad news to people but it seemed like you just put down random notes which might seem like a good idea but doesn’t sound as good. I don’t know if you know a bit of music theory but maybe that’s a good idea if you don’t. Also a good song lasts longer than 24 seconds, and usually consists of more than just two melody lines like you did, so you might need to work on them more.

P.S. I expect people have just gotten instruments from the “Drum kit” tab at the bottom. If you don’t have enough room on the screen to put the drums on use another layer (bottom right).
P.P.S I guess that’s something Starburst needs to fixed.

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