My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (Cadance is best Princess)


Talk about them.


well, i DO enjoy ponies.


What if I am a six year old girl? :3

Actually, I’m pretty certain you like 6 year old girls :mrgreen:

How did you know about my secret fetish? :frowning:

On topic: I love the way they change their vocabulary so it’s pony related. Lol, everypony.

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i’m pretty sure you just read it in his voice

Heh, I did. That was weird.

i swear, i did the exact same thing when i found this gif

also, the new gen of pony toys are pretty cute (except the rainbow dash toy has an inaccurate face: they gave her fluttershy’s eyeline)

plus this

Wow, pinkie pie looks derpy. I would totally get a Fluttershy one.

I hate that! One time, I read 6 lines in a row, all in the mane casts different styles. I heard all the ponies D:

hey yall, you know how i mentioned that the dash toy was really innacurate? well this guy made a customized one that is much better, have a look.

[ ... -202053692](

the head on the table next to her is the one she comes with, so you can see what i meant about them giving her fluttershy’s eyeline

New episode in two days. :smiley:

How are you watching these episodes? TV?


That means your at episode 3. That’s a good episode.

No, I watched 1, 2, and 23. Now I have to watch 3. :[

I knew you would like it.

I love posting this image. It makes me proud: