My music

I get so many different reply on my songs, so please leave an HONEST opinion about my SONGS, not me ( because i already know im probably the worst person in the world )

If you’re making a thread about your Notessimo Songs, please post in the pre-existing threads in the Notessimo Songs forum. If you made music with a program outside of Notessimo, please post links, that would be helpful.

Well, i have the demo for fl studio, but i dont think ill buy it

Going with another DAW? Ableton, maybe?

Whats a DAW?

Digital Audio Work(space or station) I believe.

the songs are better than mine


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I like everybody’s songs equally 4 or 5 stars.

Okay I think we can admit: we dont like many of TV’s songs :S

thats why i need help

Timothy, just evenly space notes, and always put them on the line. Look at songs for examples of how notes are placed and their respective lengths, but never copy. We look severely down upon such acts.

@ Timothy Sandal is right. i looked at alot of songs before i posted my first song on this account ( on my other lost accounts, the songs are the same as yours. )

Oh, forgot. Thread locked. Please read the rules.