Native Faith *loop* [Legacy Remaster] by ZUN (arr. Blarg)

Updated for playthrough in new player.

The 2nd touhou song I’ve finished and the 5th song I’ve ever finished ([I am only listing the serious songs in order from most recent to oldest {That means I will not list My two loudest songs}] Native Faith, Heian Alien, Lilium, Flight of the Bumblebee, and Moonlight Sonata 1st Movement). Next on the list… I’m a Scatman (Nevermind, I won’t work on scatman, I’ll just skip to working on more touhou)


Sheet 34 always creeps the hell out’a me.

Sheet 0 ftw.
To be frank, this song…is just…not what I thought it wou–
who the fuck am I kidding? This is awesome!

@TFB I saw what you said, and looked at sheet 0, I grew a hilarious smile.

I WISH I could do something like this…