needle [wip] by shaw

Recycled recycled recycled post.


Nice ace and shane.

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May I recommend changing the name? I don’t think it fits…


Yeah of course, I was about to mention that. I came up with the drum beat first, with the snaps and claps, and that’s what I named it, then I decided to make a song, but never changed the name.

You did a really great job, and I’m glad you changed the 3rd chord, I wasn’t liking it, but wasn’t sure what to change it to.

Anyways, do you have plans for the next part, or do you want me to take over?

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I’m not quite sure what I want to add next. Add whatever you can to the song and come back to me.

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I may just make 1 sheet kinda of adding to what you did already, but I will touch up the rain effect, and the drums.

Also, I will rename the next time I post it.