new bug that I didn't find in the list

I don’t know if someone has seen this, but in the middle of making the TearDrop piece I made last, I had to reboot Firefox for some reason and thought I was still posting whole notes when I relogged. Caught my problem and went to edit the notes, and I had to restart the program after saving it because it would edit about 5 and then balk. It would change it on the drop down menue, but when you hit “change” It would do nothing. I hit cancel and tried again several times, and even tried reloading the save file itself. Didn’t work until I rebooted. thankfully it saved, so I was able to save the editting I had done, but I think it should be brought to the attention of whatever mods are in charge of programming.

Hm, that hasn’t happened to me yet (hlisten)
But the only one who does any programming is Starburst, and he rarely shows up now a days… he was last here July 10th.

Sounds odd that the guy who programmed it would be unavailable.
Anyways, if you read my last post you can tell that I am not going to do any music today. Buenos noches.

well he says he’s sorry he has a life… lol

Bah, lucky SOB… I want one of those lol

Lol so do I… but i still have lots of time ahead of me to get one at least!

but lets not start talking about Starburst or wether or not we have lives…
…We dont need to see anymore of threads going off-topic like that.

Kd used to be a proffesional thread derailer when he was a member of the Sandy Witches. But that was long ago… (sorry for making this thread go off-topic)

Aha, indeed I was… good times