New Divide V3 Version - Unfinished (Quick Update) by Linkin Park/Jordan555

Tell me your thoughts on the V3 version of New Divide that I’m working on. This should sound better than the other New Divide I used to make. Do you guys remember that one?

From Transformers: ROTF

Volume control is strongly advised. Recommended actions include, but are not limited to: decrescendo on taiko and gallops, increase volume of Synth Mallet, get rid of Seashore, revise guitar chords in main riff (refer to actual tabs), make ride cymbal more consistent, get rid of Doctor Solo #2.

Thanks for the advice. Next update will fix them.

Also, what is decrescendo and how do I do it?

Decrescendo is when an instrument gets progressively softer in volume. To add decrescendo to a set of notes, you can set the volumes of the later notes to a lower value than the previous notes.

Oh ok. I decided to remove the taikos and gallops in the second update which is now open to collabs.