New song pages!

Yay! Starburst finally did some updates! when you view a song’s page, it’s different than it was last week!

P.S. to Starburst- You took my advice for a new logo and it looks awesome! :D :o :o 8-) :o

Dangit! forgot to ask, will that be the play page’s theme too 8-)

Yes, all the web site and forum will have this theme (and different one that you will be able to change in the control panel plus a French version of the web site), I am integrating the Notessimo web site with the forum (phpBB) database, so there’s no need to create two separate account. Also there will be a comments system (each time you create a song it will create a topic in the forum), your song will be bind to your account (so that you can easily listen to your previous song or listen to someone’s else song and do update to your song), detailed stats about your song, categories, search, better Browse page and also an XP (level) system will be in place just for fun 8-) (like each time your song gets 100 listens, you get 10xp :D ) and much more :o

About that, a topic for EVERY song? I don’t like the sound of that… surely there’s a better way to do it.

This way people can post comments on the song, but it will in a “hidden” parts of the forum (not in the “Song” section). In short, I am just using the phpBB system as a way for people to post comments, moderate and search for songs (this way I do not have to write a whole new system, I just need to modify a bit phpBB 8-) )

Also, there will be an anti-duplicate song soon (maybe tomorrow) so that there will never be two identical song (even if someone change the author or title)

Ah yes, hidden of course, I should have anticipated something along those lines. Good! Anti-duplication, finally some chemo.

Hey Crappy, be patient.
I’m sure Star is working hard to get the site finished. Don’t rush him.

I maybe have a better idea for your completed song topic hidden thingy,
maybe if you can just by the press of a button make that happen instead of every time when you save the link. because many people just guick save their song with a link for instance when your halfway a song and you have to go or whatever people want to finish their song laterup and most people ( i dont know a easy other way ) will link it.
Is just my suggestion, maybe i havent read well and there is already a better one.
Just trying to help