Night of the Moon Bunny (Black Mountain) by Orig.- Nexon|Notessimo Adaptation - auroracirrus


Omg I remember listening to this as I played Maplestory back in the day!

EDIT:Just noticed it’s actually missing some bass drum D:

My friend: (He moved back to romania)
from school.
He said he was skycakes, I told him that he was bu115h1tt1ng me.
If I showed him THIS!!! he’d TOTALLY tell me the truth…

(he’s a maplestory fan)


GASP TFB actually liked something… It is the sign of the Apocalypse (JK im just messin w/u TFB)

that key change actually got me teary-eyed man.

It’s more nostalgia than anything.

friend is good

Seriously bro im just kiddin